Custom Orders

Why Custom?

  1. Individuality: Custom clothes offer unique designs that reflect a child’s personality and preferences.

  2. Customization: Names, favorite characters, or specific themes can be incorporated, making the clothing special.

  3. Tailored Sizing: Custom clothes ensure a better fit by being made to specific measurements.

  4. Comfort: High-quality, comfortable fabrics can be selected, ensuring stylish and comfortable wear.

  5. Control Over Fabric Choice: Parents can choose premium materials for better durability and feel.

  6. Print-on-Demand: A vast array of prints and patterns can be chosen or designed by the customer.

  7. Sustainable Practices: Custom clothing involves less waste and can use eco-friendly fabrics.

  8. Local and Small Business Support: Ordering custom clothes supports local and small businesses.

  9. Personalized Service: Small businesses often provide better customer service with personalized interactions.

  10. Unique Outfits for Events: Perfect for special occasions with one-of-a-kind outfits.

  11. Coordinated Family Outfits: Families can order matching outfits for cohesive looks.

  12. Encourages Creativity: Involving children in design fosters creativity and self-expression.

  13. Learning Experience: Children learn about design, textiles, and sustainability.

  14. Long-Lasting: Custom clothes are made with attention to detail and higher-quality materials.

  15. Adaptive Clothing: Custom clothes can meet specific needs for children with special requirements.

  16. Inclusive Sizing: Custom clothes ensure a perfect fit for children outside standard size ranges.

Order Custom Apparel

Please send in your custom requests with as much detail as you can - we will contact you to discuss patterns.